Freeport Sportsmen's Club

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Due to recent security issues the Board of Directors and Trustees have determined that it was necessary to install a new security and access system at the club.  Director Marlene Lukasik and Diane Michael Membership Chairman will be available on meeting nights which is 2nd Thursday of each month to obtain your new fob. 


Clubhouse Key:

The exterior clubhouse doors have been replaced & a security keyless entry system has been installed.  To receive a security access key (cost $10); please read "Clubhouse Key: New Policy" see below.  Only members meeting these requirements each year will have access to the clubhouse.  The clubhouse is open on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7pm for the Members Monthly Meeting which begins at 8pm.  Your gate key has been changed to a numbered non-deplicate & will only open the front gate to the club's property.

Clubhouse Key: New Policy

Beginning in 2012 a new clubhouse key policy went into place.

To obtain a clubhouse key; you MUST complete all 3 requirements EACH YEAR.
  •    1. Dues must be current
  •    2. Attended 4 of the 12 monthly meetings/events in the past year
  •    3. Participated in a minimum of 20 verified work hours at the club in the past year

This included Active and Lifetime members (9am to 11pm).
Junior are already excluded from having clubhouse keys.

If any Adult member requesting to have a clubhouse key and cannot fulfill requirements 2 & 3; please contact Diane Michael 412-585-4686
These individual member requests will be reviewed each year.

Gate Key

A key for the gate can be purchased at each monthly meeting for $5.00 (Junior members excluded).
You must attend the monthly meeting to purchase and pickup your key. 
This key will open the gate only. 
**Guildlines are subject to change** 


Signs have been posted around the club property.  Be sure that members and guests pay attention and heed to the warnings on these signs for their safety.  Signs are posted at the front gate, gate by the pond, around the rifle|pistol & trap ranges, at the bridge, & along some path entrances.

2020/2021 Nominations & Election

Nominations for Officers & 2 Trustees occur May & June with elections in June 2020 for the 2020/2021  OFFICERS
Paid adult members with 6 meetings are encouraged to attend these meetings, submit their nominations, & cast their votes.
Nominations & elections are for: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, & 2 Trustees. 
Member's meetings are on the 2nd Thursday of every month at 8pm in the clubhouse.
Member's must attend 6 meetings within last 12 months to vote.
Member's must have attended 6 meetings within last 12 months to beome an Officer or Trustee .

 Dues Payment for 2021

Annual membership begins January 1st and ends December 31st.
Renewal for 2021 begins 1st meeting in September 2020 and ends December 31st 2020.
Adult dues paid after December 31st 2020 will include the $35. initiation fee plus the $40. yearly dues.
Member will have to attend a meeting for their membership to be voted on. 
If mailing-in your annual dues; must be at club address before Dec. 31st, 2020 (post marked before end of year).
Must also mail in a self address stamped envelope to recieve your new card!
Lifetime & Junior dues remain the same. Life membership $10.00 & Junior membership $5.00
If not member you will have to come to monthly meeting.
The club will not except new mail-in membership & initiation fees. 
You must attend the monthly member's meeting on the
2nd Thursday of every month at 8pm in the clubhouse and 
pay your initiation fee for your membership to be voted on.
New members can join at any time but
must attend the monthly meeting.
 Printable Membership applications are on these web page under MEMBERSHIP link.